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Original Software is a Brazilian software company that develops and sells software solutions for taxi cooperatives. The Company provides an online system that allows users to manage taxis and even dispatch them. The company offers a variety of features that include taxi management as well as communication between taxi drivers and passengers, as well as several payment options. Original Software has been recognized by Gartner Peer Insights as a Leader in the Taxi Cooperative Management category.

Founded in 2023, the Original Software team has grown to over 100 employees. Their mission is to « empower shoppers to make quicker and more informed choices by collecting ratings and reviews. » The Company has won numerous reviews site awards, including a 2021 Trustpilot Peer Award.

In 1998, Capterra’s founders realized that, although experts and analysts can offer valuable information for decision-making process, the most useful information is often provided by actual software buyers. They designed a feature that allows users to write reviews to their directory. It has since become a leading resource for software purchasers.

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